Core banking modernization strategies with Industry Cloud

January 30, 2024

Modernizing core banking systems is a critical initiative for banks to stay competitive and meet their customers’ evolving needs.

January 30, 2024 | 1:00 PM EST

Justin O’Connor
Digital Banking Principal

Aloke Agarwal
Director, Industry Cloud Banking Product Owner

Core banking modernization strategies with Industry Cloud


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Next-generation core banking platforms enable a new way forward. Modern core banking platforms enable real innovation by reducing cost and time-to-market. They help break down technological constraints, enabling banks to evolve more quickly and accelerate their development of new client offerings.

Join Justin O’Connor, PwC Digital Banking Principal, and Aloke Agarwal, Director at PwC and Industry Cloud Banking Product Owner, to learn:

  • The changing trends banks are seeing with core modernization, and the key challenges they face with legacy cores
  • How strong alliances can help alleviate banking-specific functionality issues
  • How PwC’s Industry Cloud for Banking solutions can help banks transform their core banking systems, creating a better experience for their customers

In this webcast, we’ll examine how banks can navigate the challenges of modernizing legacy systems, while mitigating vendor risk and operational complexity. We’ll discuss how banks can leverage the best of modern cloud-native platforms and bring new features to the market in weeks vs months.